On this Nostalgic Day

Facebook’s On This Day feature claiming to care about the author. Photo: Diaan Mynhardt

When writing the first post on this blog I experienced a moment of nostalgia for the first ever computer programme I wrote. Why did I indulge myself like that? It’s quite probably because remembering those early accomplishments made me feel good; it added meaning to my life. At least, that’s what the research says[1]. Websites like Facebook understand the research behind nostalgia, and are not afraid to use that knowledge to reel you in. Continue reading “On this Nostalgic Day”

Hello? World?

A PHP “Hello World” example from the PHP manual. Photo: Diaan Mynhardt

As with millions of others programmers everywhere, the words “hello world” heralded my entry into the complex world of computer programming[1]. I had made a computer, a mere machine, talk to me! My mind was blown! It was 1989, the year in which I turned ten, and computer languages like Microsoft Basic were all the rage[2]. Especially if you were a curious ten year old, like I was. Continue reading “Hello? World?”