The Winds of Change… ed Communications

Coffee on the Jammie steps at The University of Cape Town. Photo: Diaan Mynhardt

Every year, like legions of young, trendy Zarathustras, thousands of bright and eager young faces flock from the many corners of South Africa and the world to the university on the mountain, The University of Cape Town. Like the many thousands before them they come here to this windswept prominence to learn, and to be transformed. Continue reading “The Winds of Change… ed Communications”

Hello? World?

A PHP “Hello World” example from the PHP manual. Photo: Diaan Mynhardt

As with millions of others programmers everywhere, the words “hello world” heralded my entry into the complex world of computer programming[1]. I had made a computer, a mere machine, talk to me! My mind was blown! It was 1989, the year in which I turned ten, and computer languages like Microsoft Basic were all the rage[2]. Especially if you were a curious ten year old, like I was. Continue reading “Hello? World?”