I’m Virtually Falling for this Research

UCT lab manager, Calvyn du Toit, wearing a virtual reality headset in a psychology department research facility. Photo: Diaan Mynhardt

My eyes open and I find myself standing atop an impossibly high pedestal, located in the middle of a large, brightly-lit industrial-looking room. The walls and distant floor are a deep matt black, and crisscrossed by a bright yellow grid. There’s no way down. From somewhere a disembodied voice gives a mischievous-sounding chuckle, then says, “I’m sorry, Diaan.” A sudden shove from behind unbalances me, and I fall. The floor rushes towards me, faster and faster, and my body reacts; my muscles tense as I feel the weightlessness of freefall. Adrenalin surges! I hit the bottom and my vision turns red. There’s no pain.
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The Winds of Change… ed Communications

Coffee on the Jammie steps at The University of Cape Town. Photo: Diaan Mynhardt

Every year, like legions of young, trendy Zarathustras, thousands of bright and eager young faces flock from the many corners of South Africa and the world to the university on the mountain, The University of Cape Town. Like the many thousands before them they come here to this windswept prominence to learn, and to be transformed. Continue reading “The Winds of Change… ed Communications”