About Me

Arrr! Photo: Me, by me.

My name is Diaan Mynhardt. I’ve always thought of myself as a quiet revolutionary. Quiet, because I’m a prince of introverts, revolutionary, because ideas aren’t fun until they’re challenged.

I also see myself as somewhat of a work in progress. After a 15 year career in graphic design and website development, my fed-up-o-meter finally reached the red, and I decided to enrol for a degree in psychology at the University of Cape Town. My primary interest is social psychology, but a fortuitous decision to include a media course as an elective in my first year of study has led to a slight change in direction, and I have now selected Film & Media to be my second major.

I’m still unsure where exactly this combination will lead me, but even if I stay focussed on social psychology, being media literate, and highly sensitive to the media landscape, is bound to serve me well in an increasingly interconnected, media-rich world.

When I’m not writing essays or working (I still have a full-time job… on the side), I’m usually outside, swimming, cycling, or running. I’m an long-distance athlete, and have a number of Ironman events, too many half marathons to count, and even a full marathon under my belt.

I’m a great fan of science fiction, and manage to read, or listen to an audiobook, for at least a few minutes every day. My ethics and environmentalism makes me a vegetarian. (Going on vegan, it seems.)

My Facebook relationship  ratio is never more than 1 part love for every 4 parts utterly disgusted contempt.

Tweet tweet.